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About Us

Group Dynamics & Strategy Training Associates, Inc.was started by retired Chief Master Sgt. John Norris, a former Chief of Professional Development for the Department of Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) at Patrick Air Force Base, Melbourne, Florida. Upon retiring from active duty in 1985, Mr. Norris formed and incorporated Group Dynamics and Strategy Training Associates, Inc.


In 1984, while still on active duty, Mr. Norris was assigned-on special detail-to the Ethical Awareness and Human Relations Training Division of the New York City Police Department by the Commandant of DEOMI. The city was experiencing, among other organizational challenges, racial tension between police and local communities. Mr. Norris was asked to share his expertise in the fields of equal opportunity, group and interpersonal dynamics, cultural competency, and leadership.  After completing the detail assignment with NYPD, Mr. Norris realized the need to share the experiences learned from his time at the Department of Defense with the public sector, to include school systems, learning organizations, municipalities, and non-profits. He realized that DEOMI initiatives that promoted equal opportunity and treatment for all were also needed in other types of organizations.  

Mr. Norris’s military experiences, culminating with his tenure at DEOMI, helped him realized that the strategies that were used at DEOMI could be applied to the challenges that other types of organizations faced. These challenges, categorized as soft skills (interpersonal and group dynamics, team development, communication, cultural competency, and leadership) are often neglected in favor of focusing on technical (hard) skills. In short, Mr. Norris recognized the need to provide training and development on the people side of organizations.  

Our Process

Form to Perform

We start with an in-depth review of the challenges your workforce is facing to identify the topics needed for an effective workshop

Inquire and Infer

Then we work with leadership teams to establish the delivery method required for maximum retention and long-term adoption of inclusive practices in the workplace

Conclude and construct

We develop a highly immersive, customized program that addresses the specific needs of the organization. Our approach ensures that each seminar is uniquely tailored to each client.

Deliver And implement

Finally, our experienced facilitators deliver an engaging, high energy seminar that incorporates thought provoking activities and discussions to promote maximum participation

Our Philosophy

We have learned that it is more powerful when our clients discover—through a process facilitated by GST—those issues that are below the surface of the organization and impede an organization’s ability to become highly effective. This discovery process, then, allows clients to analyze their challenges, invest in change processes, and develop accountability systems for all stakeholders. Our approach to this work is as a gentle rain over time versus the flash and flurry of a thunderstorm because forced and fast change in organizations does not last. Our experience has taught us that it takes times for individuals and organizations to readjust and rethink their cultural narrative. GST commits to this journey with all of its clients.

Contact Us

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National Headquarters Address:

Group Dynamics & Strategy Training


PO Box 2605   Windermere, FL



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