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John A. Norris

Mr. Norris was a Chief of Professional Development for the Department of Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. Certified as a Master Facilitator by the Southern Association of College and Schools (SACS). Mr. Norris’ 35 years of experience includes creating specialized professional development training for executive leadership coaching, conflict management, crisis intervention and organizational development.  


Mr. Norris is a former consultant for the Republic of Ireland Wider Horizon Programs. Mr. Norris has facilitated workshops and seminars for the American, Arkansas, California, Florida, and National Bar Associations. He also provided annual inclusion and diversity training for the Chief Judge of the 9th Judicial Courts and Florida State's Attorney Office. 


Mr. Norris provides in-depth mentoring and leadership improvement strategies for school districts throughout the US, facilitating in-depth training experiences with a focus on team and teacher-leadership development.

He attained his Master of Applied Science in Sociology from Golden Gate University, San Francisco and his certification as a Master Facilitator from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute.

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