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Professional Coaching for Municipalities

  • Executive Leadership

  • Directors

  • Managers

  • Supervisors

  • Front-Line Employees

Many organizations promote individuals to leadership positions based on their mastery of technical skills and miss opportunities to develop authentic leaders who can balance technical proficiency with leadership, to include interpersonal, communication, and delegation skills. This phenomenon can result in leadership “self-deception” which can adversely affect an organization’s daily operations and prevent it from reaching its peak proficiency. GST’s processes assist individuals in their two-track professional development.


Also, GST helps leaders in organizations develop their diagnostic and analytical skills through using Demming’s “common cause/special cause” analytical framework. Training organizational leaders in this critical-thinking protocol will help them locate and identify “pain points” in their organizations so that they can develop specific solutions for these areas of concern.


GST does not ascribe to the “one-and-done” approach to training. We invest in our training partners to ensure sustainable success. Therefore, we do not deliver “programs,” per se; we design organizational vitality processes for our clients and facilitate them toward productivity and efficacy. GST associates work to establish professional trust relationships with clients so that there can be open and free exchange of ideas, authentic collaboration, and shared goals toward improving the organization’s climate and culture.

Our Process

Form to Perform

We start with an in-depth review of the challenges your workforce is facing to identify the topics needed for an effective workshop.

Inquire and Infer

Then we work with leadership teams to establish the delivery method required for maximum retention and long-term adoption of inclusive practices in the workplace.

Conclude and construct

We develop a highly immersive, customized program that addresses the specific needs of the organization. Our approach ensures that each seminar is uniquely tailored to each client.

Deliver And implement

Finally, our experienced facilitators deliver an engaging, high energy seminar that incorporates thought provoking activities and discussions to promote maximum participation.

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