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Professional Coaching for Educators

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  • Administrators

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  • Supervisors

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  • Teacher Leaders

The growing demands of today’s school systems require that educational leaders balance managing a diverse workforce and leading teachers. Through a combination of one-on-one coaching, training, and experiential learning activities, GST assists leaders in developing their executive presence so that they can prepare teachers and central-office support personnel to create equitable educational opportunities for all students.


GST has worked with a variety of educational institutions—from large, urban public school systems to smaller, high performing districts—and has helped its leaders institute positive changes that result in student academic growth. GST distinguishes itself as a training partner because of its focus on professional development for support personnel at districts’ central offices. The goal of this training is to help leaders create cultures of accountability across all function areas that support schools. GST works with leaders to communicate to their employees that student achievement is everyone’s responsibility.   


School-Based Leadership

Using best practices, research-based change process models, and contemporary educational leadership theories, GST trains instructional leaders and their leadership teams on how to craft a shared vision. This vision articulates the school’s values and beliefs and provides guidance and direction for improving and enhancing teaching and learning. Also, GST enhances this training by incorporating skills and strategies on how to achieve buy-in; how to develop school-wide collaborative learning communities; and how to foster a collegial culture that focuses on high academic achievement for all learners.

GST conducts inter/intra group workshops for faculties and staffs in the areas of cultural competency, school-wide collaboration, team development, and vertical grade-level communication with the expressed goal of creating a teaching and learning culture in which all students and teachers are invested in academic and socio-emotional growth and development.

This training is for both newly appointed and veteran instructional leaders and focuses on leadership-skills development that equips them with the tools necessary to lead their schools through public education’s constant state of flux. These leaders are introduced to strategies for developing teacher-leaders in their buildings.

Our Process

Form to Perform

We start with an in-depth review of the challenges your school or district is facing to identify the topics needed for an effective workshop for your educators and school staff.

Inquire and Infer

Then we work with educational leadership teams to establish the delivery method required for maximum retention and long-term adoption of inclusive practices in the district.

Conclude and construct

We develop a highly immersive, customized program that addresses the specific needs of the school district. Our approach ensures that each seminar is uniquely tailored to each client.

Deliver And implement

Finally, our experienced facilitators deliver an engaging, high energy seminar that incorporates thought provoking activities and discussions to promote maximum participation.

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