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Are You Underestimating the Value of an Inclusive & Diverse Workforce?

Guaranteeing an inclusive and diverse work environment for your employees is more than a legal and ethical obligation – it’s crucial to keeping your competitive edge in a global economy.

Many human resources experts consider Millennials to be more to be more tolerant and flexible than previous generations. Studies show that younger generations view diversity and inclusion in the workplace in a profoundly different way than their predecessors.

Inclusion, Diversity, and Engagement in the Global Workforce

Employees from older generations often perceive diversity and inclusion as being nothing more than a moral standard at best or a legal requirement at worst. Millennials and younger generations, on the other hand, are apt to recognize a diverse working environment as a necessary asset to maintaining a strong presence in a global market. This view of diversity incorporates the distinctive characteristics and experiences of each team member into the very fabric of a highly effective team.

Also known as cognitive diversity, this viewpoint can enhance the efficacy and flexibility of a team by ensuring it is balanced with the individuals best suited for the task at hand. Although a uniform team of members with similar backgrounds and experiences may appear inherently agreeable, they are more susceptible to unforeseen problems in the work process and may be less creative than a diverse team. Conversely, a highly diverse team is more likely to drive innovation and creative solutions to problems.

Cognitive Diversity is Good for Business

Did you know that researchers have found that companies that have high levels of gender and ethnic diversity consistently outperform companies with low levels of diversity? Furthermore, when it comes to keeping talented employees, an organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is a major deciding factor in how millennials rate their job satisfaction. Additionally, millennials are more likely to be more engaged within an organization that fosters an inclusive culture than they are in a company with a perceived non-inclusive culture.

An engaged, satisfied workforce directly influences the overall success of a corporation. It is clear, especially with younger generations entering the workforce, that inclusivity and diversity will remain an integral factor in the continued growth and success of any company. Companies that neglect this part of their corporate culture, do so at their own peril, as they will not be as competitive in hiring fresh talent for their workforce.

Attaining A Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

It is imperative not to assume inclusivity will automatically follow the introduction of diversity in a team structure. Although having a strong non-discrimination policy is a decent start to creating an inclusive work atmosphere, discrimination can be a treacherous beast to conquer as many are simply unaware of their own prejudices. Your employees will require frequent reinforcement to develop an inclusive mentality. You can help by ensuring every team member has access to effective sensitivity, diversity and inclusivity coaching that is tailored exclusively to address the issues facing your business.

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