Shelby County Schools Teacher Effectiveness Initiative

In 2009, Shelby County Schools (formerly Memphis City Schools) received a $90 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This gift, the largest of its kind for public education in Memphis, TN, funded the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative, a focused plan intended to help improve teacher effectiveness and empower teachers for student success by 2025. This bold initiative aimed to address eight major problems within the district that internal research has shown to be

Is your employer truly committed to creating an inclusive environment? Here are 5 signs the company

Diversity and inclusivity initiatives are at the forefront of every corporate strategy in 2019. Or at least, it seems that way given the countless articles published in Forbes, the NY Times, and other business-focused sites. Unfortunately, there are still employers out there that do not support such initiatives or worse, do not fully grasp the difference between the two and why both are important to remaining competitive in the current global market. These employers may have

Build Better Teams and Leaders Through Diversity Initiatives

Numerous studies conclude that ethnically and racially diverse teams function better and produce higher quality results than their homogenous counterparts. Businesses that make diversity and inclusion a priority have a competitive advantage when hiring new talent, enjoy higher retention of staff, and even demonstrate superior financial performance. These benefits are applicable to for-profit and nonprofit businesses alike, which helps make diversity initiatives more acceptabl