Is your employer truly committed to creating an inclusive environment? Here are 5 signs the company

Diversity and inclusivity initiatives are at the forefront of every corporate strategy in 2019. Or at least, it seems that way given the countless articles published in Forbes, the NY Times, and other business-focused sites. Unfortunately, there are still employers out there that do not support such initiatives or worse, do not fully grasp the difference between the two and why both are important to remaining competitive in the current global market. These employers may have

Our Educators Need Diversity Training - Here's Why

The United States becomes more diverse every year. Presently in the USA, children under 5 years old are now part of the rapidly growing minority majority. As these kids begin their journeys through the U.S. education system, educators will face an unparalleled level of diversity in classrooms that formerly had a higher majority of Caucasian students. A diverse classroom is highly beneficial for teachers and students. Instructors can take advantage of the distinct multiethn

The Purpose of Diversity Coaching

Many businesses choose to increase mindfulness of diversity issues and bring about cohesiveness in teams through diversity coaching. But what exactly is diversity coaching and why is it important to business owners of all types? Furthermore, where do you even start teaching your team about diversity? Should you use an awareness-based or skills-based coaching and what is the difference, anyway? Hopefully, we can answer these questions and more below. The intention of diversit