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"GST identifies organizational issues that impact productivity and the operational climate. We focus on upgrading the effectiveness and efficiency by tapping into the existing resources within an organization and design resolution strategies for the workforce, by the workforce."

John Norris

Welcome to Group Dynamics & Strategy Training Associates, Inc.

Transformation. Change. Growth. Leadership.

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GST Inc. 

PO Box 2605   Windermere, FL



Meet The Team

Dr. Elisa M. Norris

Dr. Elisa Norris graduated with an Ed.D. in Learning Organizations and Strategic Change. She works with school districts along the east coast and mid-atlantic region as a member of Group Dynamics and Strategy Training Associates, Inc. In that role, Dr. Norris works with leaders to diagnose and assess leadership challenges within their districts and then develops effective training curricula for team building, authentic collaboration, vision casting, interpersonal skills, and organizational effectiveness. Read More... 

John A. Norris

Mr. Norris was a Chief of Professional Development for the Department of Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. Certified as A Master Facilitator by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Mr. Norris’ 35 years of experience includes creating specialized professional development training for executive leadership coaching, conflict management, crisis intervention and organizational development. Read More...

Faye W. Norris

After completing 20 years of service in the U.S. Army, Lt. Colonel (Retired) and Certified Master Trainer Faye Norris has spent her career working with various organizations to include school districts, parent/community organizations and the Department of Defense as a seasoned consultant. 


LTC (Ret.) Norris has a proven track record for training and building strong executive leadership teams, cultivating positive work environments and facilitating critical conversations with diverse groups of people. 


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